June 2017 U12 Blitz Report and Scores by Cormac O’Brien

July 7th, 2017 | Club News, Youth Zone

During the summer when the U12’s have played their blitz’s, the club has been fortunate enough to have had Cormac O’Brien in attendance at the games and has fed back some decisive comments and match scores.  Keep the good work up Cormac!

Friends together


Here are the match reports from the 3rd of June and the 10th of June.

3rd of June

 Parnells 4-02 St Kiernans 2-02

Parnells took a grip on the match early with 2 goals in quick succession from Finn Foody. St Kiernans tried to make a comeback but were not clinical enough in front of the posts.  Scorers:  Oisin Egan 0-01, Joe O’Connor 1-01, Finn Foody 2-00, Callum Fitzgerald 1-00


Parnells 2-07 TCG 0-03


Unlike the match 2 weeks previously down in Dulwich, Parnells took control from the off. Sean Duncan’s goal set the pace for the match and Parnells stayed in front till the end.  Scorers:  Sean Duncan 1-03, Callum Fitzgerald 0-02, Joe O’Connor 1-0, Donncha Byrne 0-01


10th of June

Parnells 5-05 London Irish 1-00

Parnells took a grip of the match from the start, and maintained this throughout the match to run out comfortable winners.  Scorers:  Sean Duncan 1-02, Finn Foody 1-00, Declan Doran 1-00, Callum Fitzgerald 1-00, Joe O’Connor 1-02, Eoin Moffatt 0-01


Parnells 2-03 St Colmcilles 2-01

Parnells had their work cut out against a very good St Colmcilles side. The match remained close right until the very end where Parnells pulled away by two points.  Scorers:  Sean Duncan 0-01, Declan Doran 0-02, Niall O’Brien 1-00, Conor Griffin 1-00


Parnells  5-02 Warwickshire 2  4-08

Parnells did not start this match particularly well and had conceded three goals within five minutes. They started the fight back with a Joe O’Connor goal and tried their hardest to turn the game around. However, time was against them and they ended up losing by 3 points.  Scorers:  Joe O’Connor 3-00, Finn Foody 1-01, Callum Fitzgerald 1-01


Parnells 3-01 Warwickshire 1  1-03

Warwickshire started the game strongly scoring an early goal. However Parnells fought back well in the second half to finish the game on top.  Scorers:  Donncha Byrne 1-00, Joe O’Connor 1-00, Declan Doran 1-01


Final:  Parnells 3-04 Warwickshire2  1-02


Parnells found themselves playing against Warwickshire 2 who had already beaten them on the way to the Final.  Unlike the group match, Parnells started this game on the front foot taking an early lead which they never gave up.  Scorers:  John Horohoe 3-00, Finn Foody 0-0, Joe O’Connor 0-01, Sean Duncan 0-01, Declan Doran 0-01.