Stories from the past

January 21st, 2018 | Pitch Talk, Senior Men

‘Seanchai‘ written by Kathleen Curran.

The club is delighted to support and promote the recent publication of a book called ‘Seanchaí – Heartwarming stories of Irish Immigration to England in the 1950’s’.  Written by Kathleen Curran who is the daughter of Tom Curran, one of our founder members.  Inspired by her own parents, her childhood and stories being conveyed through the quintessential Irish humour she came across, she felt it important to record them as they are precious and would be otherwise lost.  A delightful read and includes many nostalgic photos.  The link to purchase the book is or is now also being sold on Amazon where delivery costs are cheaper.  Alternatively contact Kathleen direct for more information by email or mobile 07779 755507.