PRO Notes-end Nov/beg Dec 2018

December 10th, 2018 | PRO Notes


With football off the agenda at the moment; it’s now planning time for Parnells.  The youth section held their own meeting on the 18th November to review the year, elect their Committee and plan ahead.  The majority of the committee remained in their positions with a couple of changes, full details to follow.  Winter training is being arranged at a new venue and dates being put in place for social events.  The Senior held an end of season meeting with the AGM to take place in January.


The club would like to pass on their condolences to three families within the club who suffered losses these past weeks.  Firstly to Jeanne and Josie and their families on the passing of their grandmother, Jennie Barrett (nee Dwyer), in her 103rd year from Graiguenoe, Holycross and formerly Cloughmartin, Moycarkey.  Secondly to Sharon Horohoe and her family on the passing of her brother-in-law, Paddy Hennessy, aged 75, from Blanchards Town, Dublin.  Both funeral have taken place.  May they both rest in peace.


Then this week, Carmel Ryan, mother to Kenny Ryan (Senior Assist Secretary/Registrar) and his sister Margaret McGuinness (wife of Colin McGuinness, Youth Chairperson) passed away.  The club sends their condolences to you all and especially to the grandchildren, Jack Ryan, Jose and Erin McGuinness (players).  Details for this funeral to be confirmed.