Youth Committee Announcement and Event-Open Day 31.3.2018

Please join us to celebrate a new chapter for the youth section of the club and also to say farewell  to two of our coaches who have also begin a new chapter in their lives and are moving back to Ireland after Easter.  Colin and Fiona  Corrigan have been a huge part of the club over the years and whilst they are extremely excited to be going to Ireland, we are saddened, the club will miss them and their children as will all the players and parents that they came into contact with in their role as coaches.


We are very excited to introduce all our members to our new home at

Harrow Rugby Club

Wood Lane, Stanmore


The advantages of having our own base with a club house, are amazing. This will give us facilities to offer refreshments as well as toilet facilities for us during training and at our blitzes. It will bring all the ages closer with the opportunity to socialise.

 Join us at our open day to celebrate this exciting move

On Saturday 31st March

3pm – 7pm

for refreshments and a

Mini match for kids at 3.30pm 

                   All ages and new members welcome                      

Contact Colin McGuinness: 07779 340398

 Please do try and join us on the day to start a new chapter for Parnells and say goodbye to Colin & Fiona.