November 2020-Club GAA update

November 20th, 2020 | Club News

Due to the latest government guidelines for England, all Club activity had to cease from midnight on the 4th of November and observe lockdown restrictions.  Club football had been taking place up to then and Parnells have been fortunate to reach both a final and the semi-final of the Intermediate Championship which was due to take place on the 8th of November.

We now wait to see what will happen post December 2nd when the government will announce the next steps in relation to the pandemic crisis.  Whilst we have all missed a ‘full’ season, it was great to be able to return to the field of play and we recognise the efforts of the London County Board to get all competitions up and running and the contribution of all the clubs involved in terms of their own officials (including the Covid Supervisor), management and players to enable everyone to train and play in a safe environment.

Gaelic and many other sports have been affected by the pandemic but not as much as the hundred’s of thousands of families who have lost loved ones or had their lives disrupted by this horrible virus.  This is what we have to keep in mind and do our best to keep positive and resilient and look after all our mental well being whilst we work through the coming months.