GAA-Club and County 2021

The administration process continues behind the scenes for Club and County.  The London County Board held its’ AGM on the 31st January via Microsoft Teams.  Whist unfamiliar territory for many, it was well attended by clubs and guests with little technological issues.  Officer reports were already received via email and could also be viewed online during the meeting.  Questions were readily addressed and the election results were also live streamed.  There was also the launch of London’s Strategic 3 Year Plan (this will be our Downloads section to view soon).  Well done to all those involved.

Congratulations to the new Chairperson, Donal Corbett and we wish him and all the newly elected officers the best for 2021.  The first Teams meeting for the Board and club delegates is on the 15th February 2021.

With regard to club matters, we had hoped that an ‘in person’ AGM would be possible but this is looking unlikely.  So the club are looking in to holding one via Microsoft Teams and the date of March 7th 3.00pm looks likely but will be reconfirmed.  It is really important that it is attended by as many as possible and the current committee we will be working towards that.  We are not sure when the 2020 competitions will be completed in 2021 but we need to be ‘ready’ on and off the field.  so please make sure you read all club communications.