Youth Presentation at Harrow Rugby Club October 2018

November 20th, 2018 | Club News, Youth Zone

When the youth section comes to the end of their season, the perfect way to finish it off is to celebrate and recognise the efforts of everyone involved or connected to the club and especially the players achievements.  All hands were on deck to set up at Harrow Rugby Club early afternoon; laying up the tables, preparing the food, setting out the medals, awards and trophies, organising the laptop, screen and power point presentation-the list was endless!

The Opening

Colin McGuinness, the newly elected Chairperson of 2018 was ‘master of ceremonies’ and opened the presentation with a welcome speech to a full house.  The afternoon started with the U6’s and went through to the U17’s and included all the boys and girls teams.  The managers spoke separately, applauding their players and parents whilst reflecting on the season’s events and competitions.  Teams received their medals according to age group order and it was great to see the enthusiasm our youngest age groups displayed with many of them wearing their club gear.


From the U12 girls and U13 boys upwards, individual trophies were presented for Young Player, Player’s Player and Manager’s Player.  These awards are very special and were given careful consideration prior to decisions being made and it was lovely to see the delight on the player’s faces when names were announced and the applause that rang round the room.  A full list is below for everyone to read.

A new award for the season was also given out for the first time.  This was ‘The Best Supporter 2018’ .  The club wanted to recognise someone within the club who actively came out to games (rain or shine), held Parnells in great esteem and was someone who was there behind the scenes.  Dan Morriarty ticked all those boxes and deserved his accolade.


Other presentations took place to a group of ladies who worked tirelessly behind the scenes:  Margaret McGuinness, Maggie O’Rourke, Jackie Cox and Tara O’Slatara who all received flowers and the main lady herself, Veronica Bailey who took on the role of Secretary and so much more this year.  Another surprise was in store for Irene Sheridan who received a silver plate in recognition of her long service to the club.  It prompted an emotional response and a few tears!

To round off the afternoon the final presentation involved all the players who went on ‘The Trip to Tipp’.  Signed hurleys from the Tipperary team which were gifts to Parnells were presented to each of the players.  They were delighted and couldn’t wait to use them.

Many parents and children stayed on for the evening to avail of the rugby club’s facilities and enjoys the company and the craic.  The club would like to thank everyone that attended and Harrow Rugby Club for enabling us this year to have a great base.  We all look forward to 2019.

Please see all the photos which are published on their own page in the Gallery/Youth Gallery section.

Awards-Young Player (YP), Player’s Player (PP) and Manager’s Player (MP)

U11 Boys:  YP Riain McDonnell, PP Tommie Logan and MP James Keegan.

Additional Award for this age group:  Most Improved Player Ethan Shaughnessy.

U13 Boys:  YP DJ McNicholas, PP Rory Welby and MP Eoin Moffatt

U12 Girls:  YP Tilly Ann Hussey, PP Madi Cox and MP Emer Fadian

U14 Girls: YP Rhianna Roache, PP Millie Taylor and MP Amy Brown

O14 Girls:  PP  Larah Varlese and MP Aisling Fallon

U15 Boys:  YP Callum Downey, PP Darragh Griffin and MP Oliver Stewart

U17 Boys:  PP Eoghan Reilly and MP Ciaran Griffin

Congratulations, you all deserve them.