Club Lotto Announcement and Launch-First Draw 26.9.2022

Our Club, Our future.


Parnells are delighted to introduce to everyone our new Club Lotto.  Previous and ongoing fundraising events are invaluable to the Club but the Club Lotto will provide us with a regular source of funds that will make budget planning much easier. It is hoped that the Club Lotto will allow us to further invest in the future of the club and maximise the opportunities available to our players and members.  We are seeking to increase engagement amongst our former and current members and friends and create a ‘buzz’, and a further increased sense of community.

All money raised through the Club Lotto, after Clubforce fees have been accounted for, will go directly back into the Club and will go towards covering the following regular season expenses, for example:-hiring of training facilities, equipment and physiotherapy and medical costs, to name a few.

As a Club, we have also been very keen for players of all ages to experience playing in different countries / counties in order to build team morale and cement links with Clubs that we already have ties with. In 2022 alone our Adult Mens team have travelled to Kilcock in Co. Kildare, our U13 Boys have travelled to Belmullet in Co. Mayo and further trips are planned before the end of the year for our U14 Girls and U15 Boys.  Funds raised through our Lotto will help us to continue these partially funded trips for our players, which we believe prove invaluable from both a playing and social perspective.  We also have long term plans to enhance and develop our training and playing facilities and it is hoped that by having a regular income of funds from the Club Lotto, we will not only be able to improve the environments that our players currently train and play in, but also be able to make the most of any opportunities that may present themselves in the future.

How Does It Work?

There will be a weekly draw, with a starting jackpot of £1,000.00. Every week that the jackpot isn’t won, there will be 4 x Lucky Dip winners who will claim £25 each. The jackpot will also increase by £100.00 every week until it is won.  There may also be a special Christmas draw with larger Lucky Dip prizes or a guaranteed winner of a set amount. These will be publicised nearer the time if they are to go ahead.  Each player chooses 4 numbers/balls between 1– 32 and the winning numbers are drawn at random every week using the Clubforce random generator. The Lucky Dip winners are also chosen this way.  Draws will be made every Monday evening and the results will be posted every week on all our social media platforms and our website.  To get started you can go to our website, select Play Lotto on the quicklinks, scan the QR code or any of our social media pages, where you will find a link or head straight to Clubforce by clicking on the following link –

What Can I Do?

The success of the Club Lotto and the opportunities that the funding will provide will be dependent on how many participants we can engage. So, as well as obviously entering the Club Lotto yourself, we hope our members spreading the word and signing up players from their families, friendship groups, work and other sports clubs etc., posters will also help advertise this new initiative.  Your help will continue to push us in the right direction as a club and provide Parnells with a solid foundation for future development.

For any questions about the Club Lotto or if you are able to help us promote it further then please contact either

Laurence Wrenn – 07534 983 287 (Youth Section) or

Irene Sheridan – 07803 415 358 (Mens Section)

Thank you for your continued support of the club.  See the document in downloads for more detailed information.

By Irene Sheridan Fri 12th Aug