Parnells Men – Season 2023 to date

Parnells Men are approaching the end of the 2023 season with two extremely important games to play, a Div. 2 League final and a Reserve League Final which could not be played before either Championship began.  A successful start to the season saw a dip in form for both Championship competitions.

The Senior Championship group saw 3 challenging games, 3 losses didn’t give an accurate picture with a great first half against Fulham Irish, leading them to 0-04 to 0-03 and a lead against KKG in the first half (2-04 to 1-05) but not sustained until the final whistle.  The Senior Men went in to a relegation play off against Tomás McCurtains and the stakes were high:  Senior Championship survival!  The players maintained their focus and discipline and some marvellous link play and scores sent them in to a great lead, 1-07 to 0-01 and the second half, with no substitutions, saw a commanding finish to the game.  Ferocious defending when needed and ‘heart’ in every move and kick of the ball.  A win was the right result on the day – 2-17 to 0-05.  Well done to the players and management and all our supporters on the day.  The team look forward to their League final and will relish the opportunity to secure promotion to Div. 1.

The Reserve Championship outcome could have been different with a narrow loss, a single point, against St. Kiernans but all the players, those with experience behind them and those who are just playing their first game in adult football, came together this season and will surely be a difficult team to beat in the League Final.  These players are ‘no support act’ and commitment and attendance at training for them and the ‘senior’ players has meant no divide, just ‘one team’ ready to take to the field both on it and on the sideline.

Good luck in both games, Parnells Abú

By Irene Sheridan Sun 8th Oct